Peasant Bread

I don’t know what it is about this bread, but it is addictive.

Maybe its the fact that its buttery, flaky, light, almost melts in your mouth,  and a perfect side to any soup, or pasta dish. Or maybe its the fact that it is super E-A-S-Y to make (There is no kneading, no bread maker required, no special flour or special yeast, you don’t need a pizza stone to cook it on. The bread practically just makes itself! ). But all I know is that once anyone tries a piece of it, they usually can’t stop eating it until its gone.

This recipe makes two round loaves of bread, so its also perfect if your making dinner for another family because you can keep a loaf for your family, and give one away! Or, if your my family, your two small children can polish off one loaf before dinner by themselves, and then you and your husband can try and salvage the other loaf during dinner before the kids eat that one all gone too!

And beware, this bread reminds me of that book, “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie” but instead it would be…”If you give your friend some peasant bread…they are probably going to ask for the recipe to go with it!”:)

Peasant Bread

printable version with picture

printable version

*makes two round loaves

*This recipe really is all about less is more.  Don’t over stir the dough, and after the dough rises for the first hour just separate the dough into two balls and quickly place them on the cookie sheet (they will almost just be blobs). Just take care not to over handle the dough.


1 tablespoon dry yeast

2 cups warm water

1 tablespoon sugar

2 teaspoons salt

4 cups flour



melted butter (I usually use half a stick)


Place yeast ,water, sugar, and salt in a warm bowl and stir until dissolved. Add flour and stir until blended (just until the dough is wet). Do not knead. Cover and let rise 1 hour or until doubled. Flour hands, remove dough from bowl, and place in tow rounds on oiled cookie sheet sprinkled with cornmeal. Let rise an additional hour. Brush the top with melted butter and bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees and bake 15 minutes more. Remove from the oven and brush again wiht butter. Serve warm!

recipe source: Anika Busby (my awesome sister!)


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One thought on “Peasant Bread

  1. Stacie on said:

    Just made this to go with some soup; it was delicious!

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