Easy Tiara or Crown Cake…Happy Birthday Lucy!!!


I don’t know what changed, but suddenly birthday’s became a big deal to Lucy this year. She has been counting down the days (as much as her almost 3- year old self can count), and patiently waited through Charlie’s birthday,as well as a few of her other friends, until finally…she turned 3!

As her mom, I definitely wanted to make her birthday cake special this year, but I have one problem, when it comes to being artsy and creative…I’m fresh out of juice!

Or maybe I should say, I can be artsy, but I need my project to be finished with in an hour or I loose the vision of it and just get sloppy. I am not patient enough to do something too elaborate.  So I was really excited when we came up with this Easy Tiara / crown cake. And I was really excited to enlist the help of my much more artsy husband, and that he complied.

Easy Crown Cake Recipe

*Okay, there is not really an actual recipe, but here is the steps we took to make it, and feel free to modify it according to your own liking

We started with a simple bundt cake (and thought of all the bundt jokes and phrases we possibly could while making this cake like, “Lets nip this cake in the bundt!” )


Then I had Artist/Wood Carver Brad make an outline of what we wanted to carve out, and had him start carving (a cake can’t be too much different than wood, right?)

Then we spread frosting all over it and decorated it with and Candy jewels (gummy Savors, smarties)  and dollar store plastic rings. We topped it off with silver sprinkles. It was ghetto beautiful!

*While we were frosting the cake, it seemed kind of crummy from the parts we cut out. It definitely still worked, but maybe freezing the cake a little first, or blow drying off the crumbs would help in this process. Let me know if you try something that works!

Not to mention the fact that it was really fun making it with Brad! We laughed a lot!  I think for one of our dates in the future we are going to make two cakes, and then carve and decorate them  to see who comes up with the coolest idea. Fun. Interactive. Cheap. Easy. Delicious!

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One thought on “Easy Tiara or Crown Cake…Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

  1. Stacie on said:

    That is awesome! You are so creative!

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