About Food-fection

I am a foodie.

Lets be honest. I love all types of  food in all of its savory glory. My life revolves around what I am making for my next meal. But as a food lover, and a wife of one good looking husband and mom of two sweet kids I’ve rededicated myself to making semi-healthy, delicious food.  I feel like eating gross food is a cardinal sin, and variety in cooking keeps it fresh and fun.

I try and stay away from cream of mushroom soup.  I like to substitute white wheat flour for white flour when I can and when it won’t affect the taste of a muffin or a cookie, and     I use low-fat or no fat sour cream/ cream cheese/ and cottage cheese when I can. That being said, I stay away from low-fat salad dressing at all cost.  I hate dieting. I feel strong and happy when I feel like I can eat until i’m full.  I like having seconds (and sometimes thirds:)) at meals, so I try and cook with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also enjoy me a little treat after dinner, so I am no stranger to the sweets!

My Sweet Meldrum Family


Rach and Lucy


Brad and Charles


Lucy Meldrum


Charlie Meldrum


My sweet heart and me!:)





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